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Welcome to FOOD Oh! STYLE, a blog that represents my passion for gastronomy and style, which started long time ago with the enriching experience of growing up surrounded by exquisit mexican cuisine in my parents restaurant at Ensenada Baja California, Mexico; place I like to describe as a precious jewel, where the best quality of seafood, wines, cheese and tasty mexican flavors awakened my love for culinary art.

My journey of becoming a chef started two year studies in nutrition field plus graduated from CCA Le Cordon Bleu, San Francisco Ca. the year of 2009. My first professional experience within the gastronomy world happened at “Vinantico”, an Italian restaurant located in the heart of San Rafael, Ca. which offered an original home-made italian variety of dishes, from a Chitarra Pasta to a cured prosciutto. Followed by an amazing pastry experience in restaurant “La Mar” of Peruvian chef Gaston Acúrio, at San francisco Pier; where all my creativity and interest for desserts started to grow.

FOOD Oh! STYLE, is meant to spread my love for high quality cuisine, lifestyle and fashion through all the places and experiences I am able to enjoy living in the mesmerizing bay area of San Francisco; a city that has one of the most impressive variety of culinary art, cultures and flavors, as well as great happenings around the city always offering new experiences.

Count on me to help you make the best of any private dinner or cocktail event you need to host. Please contact me for further details: wentirado@me.com

If you would like to enjoy all the great recommendations, ideas, recepies and tips I share day by day, follow FOOD Oh! STYLE on social media

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